Sep 28, 2023

Pocatello couple looking for answers after home burglary

POCATELLO – A couple is still searching for answers after they were the victims of a home burglary nearly three weeks ago that took tens of thousands of dollars worth of items.

Lisa Lete-Melton tells that her boyfriend, Ray Pierce, was out of town when she stopped by to check on his home on Taft Avenue on Sept. 19.

To her shock, she discovered the home had been ransacked, with over 40 items stolen, including a vintage car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, guns, ammo, wall art and lawn equipment.

“I came to check on the house on the 19th and discovered that the porch light was left on. I had a shiver from head to toe because I’m a weirdo about shutting lights off. I knew that I was the one who had locked the house up,” says Lete-Melton. “I had a weird, weird feeling. I opened up the door, and there were pictures off the wall, and we’d just been robbed. The house and the shop had been robbed.”

According to Lete-Melton, among the many items that were stolen included a 1973 vintage Corvette and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Fortunately, the Corvette was soon discovered abandoned near Tough Guy Bowling Lanes on Sept. 19, although the stereo speakers were torn out and stolen.

Now, Lete-Melton says the priority is finding the motorcycle, which has sentimental value to Pierce.

“(Pierce) really wants his Harley back,” says Lete-Melton. “That was like his baby from the 1980s, and he’s like, ‘If nothing else, I just want my Harley back.'”

The thieves also took all of the tools out of the shop, the pictures off the walls, Pierce’s guns and ammunition, a computer, and many other items.

“We just want the crooks caught and held accountable for what they did,” says Lete-Melton. “We don’t want it to happen to anybody else.”

Pierce is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the items stolen.

City spokeswoman Marlise Irby said Pocatello Police are actively investigating the burglary.

If you have any information about the items or who may have taken the items, contact the Pocatello Police Department at (208) 234-6121.