Aug 15, 2023

Lucknow Teen Steals Motorcycle In Attempt To Buy Expensive Birthday Gift For Friend; Arrested

Lucknow News: A 17-year-old working at a local roadside eatery was arrested after attempting to steal a motorcycle to give a lavish birthday gift to his best friend. The teenager wanted to impress his friend but didn't have enough money. To overcome this obstacle, he resorted to theft, seizing an opportunity when he spotted an unattended motorcycle parked outside a residence on October 1.The thief made a duplicate key to unlock the motorcycle's security and carefully rolled it away to avoid making any noise that could draw attention. After securing the stolen vehicle in a concealed location, he set out to find a potential buyer.When the motorcycle's owner, Ram Sahare Vishwakarma, discovered his bike was missing, he reviewed the CCTV footage, which led to the identification of the offender. Following this revelation, Vishwakarma reported the incident to the police, who initiated an investigation.With the cooperation of concerned locals, the police successfully identified the minor in question. According to SHO Vikram Singh, the accused was apprehended based on the surveillance footage. The offender confessed to the crime, revealing that he had stolen the motorcycle with the sole purpose of purchasing an extravagant gift for his best friend's upcoming 18th birthday. The accused's friend, who was also involved in a previous theft case, celebrated his 18th birthday on Tuesday.The accused disclosed that it was his friend who had acted as a mentor, imparting his knowledge of theft and serving as a "teacher figure." As the legal proceedings progressed, the accused was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.