Jul 19, 2023

Markdowns on Gear / Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Are Here

It’s like Prime Day, except in October. Here’s a selection of deals on motorcycle stuff available only during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days.

Winter is coming, but heated gear can extend your riding season into or even through the cold parts. I find heated gloves to be a bit bulky for fine control inputs, but these heated handlebar warmers from Kemimoto seem like the perfect solution. Similar to Hippo Hands, they wrap around your handlebar grips to keep the cold, snow, and ice off your hands. They’re also heated, creating a warm environment inside comfortable enough to wear your lighter gloves for improved control. Best of all, at $41.99 they’re 30% off their normal price, a fraction of the cost of the name brand.

The similar unit I reviewed has been a game-changer for me. Your expensive, fragile phone remains safely tucked away while this Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interface gives you the apps you need while you ride, including Google Maps, REVER, onX Offroad, and Gaia GPS. Listen to music or your favorite podcasts during the boring highway slogs. You can even make phone calls or send and receive text messages without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the handlebars. Mine has been through some heavy rain and a few gnarly water crossings with no problems whatsoever, so it’s tough enough for an adventure rider’s needs. Prices on Amazon have come down since my review, and a 20% Big Deal Days discount brings this down to $143.90, far less than a dedicated Garmin GPS.

Flats on the trail are an unfortunate fact of life. RUNLLINE’s set of tire spoons and rim shields includes everything you need to remove and reinstall a tire. Many kits only include two spoons, which sometimes just aren’t enough to get the job done. This kit gives you three, each with a thick handle to get a good grip on. The rim shields go between the spoon and your rim to prevent scratches. At 20% off, all this can be yours for just $19.99.

After fixing your flat, you’ll need to inflate it somehow. Gone are the days of big bulky air compressors that run off of (and sometimes kill) your motorcycle battery. This portable air compressor by IDOO weighs less than one pound, yet packs enough punch to inflate a motorcycle tire in six minutes. Its 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery is responsible for both its light weight and its 20-minute service life, enabling you to inflate multiple motorcycle tires on a particularly difficult ride. It’s also useful around the house for car and bicycle tires as well as sporting equipment, and includes nozzles for all of these. A 25% discount brings the price down to $29.99, which is cheap insurance against a flat on the trail.

This is an ingenious solution for those of us who don’t have center stands and don’t want to sacrifice ground clearance by adding one. The BRCOVAN motorcycle stand goes between your swingarm and the ground. Simply twist the handle, and it extends to lift the back wheel off the ground to clean your chain and other maintenance. It’s much smaller than a traditional wheelstand and will work with practically any bike.

It also includes a brake buckle, which grips your front brake lever and holds it tight, turning it into a parking brake for safety while your bike is off the ground. This is a part I’d carry with me all the time to use while picking up my bike after a drop. After a Prime Big Deal discount of 20%, both of these can be yours for $29.59.

This stylish armored jacket by BORLENI would make a great addition to your collection. It has a removable liner to keep you warm in the upcoming winter months but is removable for warmer weather. It will also keep you safe with CE1 armor in the shoulders and elbows, EVA back armor, and a 600 denier polyester to resist road rash, as well as reflective stripes on the back. It is available in four sizes, and comes in black, gray and black, and red and black to match your bike and style. It’s on sale for $79.19 with a 20% Big Deal Days discount.

A good night’s sleep makes all the difference on a moto-camping trip, and the WANNTS sleeping pad will give you that on a budget, especially with a 44% discount during Big Deal Days. An easy-to-use foot pump inflates it to 75″ x 25″ including a built-in pillow in just 20 seconds. When it’s time to go, it deflates and fits into 10″ x 6″ pouch, and weighs just over one pound. It comes in green or blue, and includes snaps so you can put two together for two people. For $27.98, it’s well worth adding one of these to your moto camping kit.

We’ve all had trips take longer than they’re supposed to, arriving at our campsite late and setting up in the dark. A headlamp is a valuable tool that will always shine the light where you need it. It’s also a good safety item to help with nighttime repairs. These Energizer LED headlamps come in a two-pack for less than many single headlamps. Add a 37% Big Deal Days discount, and this $10.62 two-pack ends up costing just $5.31 per headlamp. And yes, batteries are included!

The great philosopher George Carlin was right. We all need a place for our stuff. That’s where these Rhinowalk saddlebags come in. They will hold 20 liters of your stuff, plus additional pockets on the outside for smaller odds and ends. They include a wear-resistant backing plate, and hooks to attach to luggage racks from 10 to 22 mm diameter. Each bag has a built-in carrying handle for easy handling off the bike, and a shoulder strap that clips on to carry both at once. A 38% Big Deal Days discount will get you a good set of saddlebags for $61.59.

Adventure bikes usually have large kickstand pads, but even these aren’t enough to prevent them from sinking into soft ground, or even pavement on a hot summer day. The Badass Moto kickstand pad is great to have on hand for situations like this. Just toss it on the ground, drop your kickstand into it, and walk away, worry-free. While bright green may not match your bike unless you ride a Kawasaki, it’s extremely visible, preventing you from riding away without it (not that I’ve ever done this, no, not ever). It also gets you a 50% discount, bringing the price down to just $6.99. (If you really don’t like the green, other colors are available.)

If you’re one of the many who must put your bike away for the winter, the Battery Tender Junior will ensure a quick start in the spring. Its 750 mA output isn’t much, but it’s enough to counteract your battery’s natural tendency to discharge while it’s sitting for months. It includes the charger itself as well as a wiring harness that either clamps to your battery terminals temporarily, or you can remove the clamps to permanently bolt it to your battery, enabling it to be used for other accessories as well. With a 33% discount, the $29.95 Battery Tender Junior is much less expensive than a new battery in the spring.

It’s always useful to be able to charge your devices from your bike, from your phone while you ride to your helmet communicator when you’re parked. The EXTRACTME USB charger puts both a 24-watt USB-A and a 20-watt USB-C port on your handlebars, or wherever else you want it. It includes a fused harness to attach to your battery (you won’t need this if you buy the Battery Tender Junior and use its wiring harness instead) and enough wire to place the plugs anywhere you want. The charger also includes a voltmeter to monitor both your USB and battery charging, as well as a built-in on/off switch so you don’t accidentally drain your battery. A 36% discount will get you this charger for $15.91.